Bringing Software to New Heights

Founded in 2013, Altitude Labs is a leading agile web and mobile development firm with a presence in Hong Kong, Singapore and San Francisco. We are a one-stop shop for turning software ideas into scalable business realities creating usable interfaces with the latest technology stacks. Our founders were trained in San Francisco and New York and our advisors are former employees of Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Gilt Groupe, OKCupid Labs and OpenTable.

Who We Are

Creative. Strategic. Product-centric. We are world class makers envisioning new businesses for companies serving domestically and internationally. The products we work on are built on solid foundations allowing it to scale with growth and popularity.

What We Do

Our firm marries human-centered user experiences with complex technical problem solving to help companies from the public and private sectors innovate and grow. We identify new ways of understanding technology behaviors and needs to continually adapt.

Our Capabilities

How We Work

Clients As Partners
We work closely with our clients often involving them in active user discussions and empowering them with the right knowledge to articulate business strategy in a digital manner. Clients stay close to the project often overseeing every aspect of the delivery.

Work in Agile
The agile methodology values individual and interactions over processes and tools, customer collaboration over contract negotiation, and responding to change over following a plan.

Lean Team
Our best works are done in small teams where we have people from multiple disciplines and departments within the company looking at a problem from different angles. Being nimble and dynamic is what we value.

Solve Complex Problems
We love tackling hard problems. Especially problems that seem impossible. Our team is experienced in breaking down problems in bite size pieces, drawing inspiration from open source projects and logically mapping out system architecture to build solid foundations.


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