Altitude Metisa is a scalable reinforcement learning engine that produces recommendation, personalizes customer experiences and maximize profits for businesses with thousands of customers. Altitude Metisa eliminates data silos and empowers rational decision making backed by data.

The Old Way
People make decisions to maximize department key performance indicators. Decisions made on imperfect information stemming from a web of siloed data, insights and actions.
recommendation engine, recommendations
The New Way
People make decisions to maximize business profits, driven by a centralized brain with complete data. Learnings from past actions are fed back into the system to improve future ones.
recommendation engine, recommendations

How It Works

An Altitude Metisa implementation starts with transforming raw data into actionable data. Next, our machine learning models analyze the data to generate insights. Last, insights are made available through APIs that businesses can consume to deliver on their internal portals as well as customer-facing web and mobile apps.

recommendation engine, recommendations

Use Cases

  • E-Commerce and Retail
    Maximizing customer lifetime value and identifying at-risk customers. Recommendation engine for e-commerce site and marketing.
  • Banking
    Recommendation engine and cross-selling of financial products in consumer banking, private banking and SME banking. Personalization of customer experiences on banking portals and marketing.
  • Property Development
    Identifying high-potential customers for new launches with recommendation engine. Optimizing returns and conversions on various online marketing channels.
  • Travel and Hospitality
    Maximizing customer lifetime value and identifying disengaged customers. Cross-sell products and services to existing customers.
  • Mobile Gaming
    Maximizing customer lifetime value. Recommendation engine for in-app purchases and personalize push marketing.

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