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Metisa E-Commerce UI/UX Design

How should a traditional retailer go digital?

Since 1959, Yue Hwa has established itself as a household name for authentic Chinese products. With prominent flagship stores in Hong Kong and Singapore, Yue Hwa draws most of its sales through its brick-and-mortar shopfronts. Our task was to reimagine traditional Chinese products for a younger, internet-savvy generation by rolling out a modern e-commerce store that would prepare the company to enter the international and Chinese Mainland market.


E-commerce store integrated with retail customer data

Our solution was to build a multi-language, multi-currency e-commerce store that was integrated with their existing retail data. That way, Yue Hwa could achieve a single view of customer, preparing the way for omnichannel commerce.

We incorporated Metisa’s suite of predictive analytics and recommendation widgets to provide a personalized shopping experience for customers.

We adopted a clean and minimalistic aesthetic for the e-commerce site. This twist of traditional and modern was designed to appeal to the younger generation. We looked at past data to curate products that were most suited to be sold online. We built in multiple payment gateways for customers from China (Alipay, Wepay) and the rest of the world (credit cards, Paypal).


Launched website in 10 weeks

Yue Hwa's e-commerce store went live in 10 weeks on the Shopify framework. We launched with an offline-to-online strategy by encouraging Yue Hwa’s existing customers to use the new online experience. The launch of the international website also positions Yue Hwa to enter the Mainland Chinese market through a WeChat store.

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