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How can we scale an offline business?

Lynk is an app that brings trusted knowledge-rich experts into a community to share insights. We helped Lynk digitalise sharing of this domain expertise by replacing spreadsheets with internal systems and creating a mobile app that allows anyone to gain access to these experts from industries ranging from legal to smart contracts.


Building the backbone of a business

We approached the problem in two steps.

First, we digitized existing processes by converting what was done with Excel sheets and emails into a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system that the team could use to manage their growing database of experts, clients and projects. We ran product design and development sprints over 4 months to develop the backbone of a system that Lynk could use to store, analyze and manage operational processes.

Second, we designed and built an iOS app that could be used to gain early traction for Lynk's service for SME businesses. The app leveraged the same backbone that we had developed. Through biweekly user tests and iterations, we were able to identify core functionalities in the MVP to complete a deployment within 12 weeks.


App launch, analytics and time savings

Within a month, the mobile app was well-received by hundreds of experts in blockchain technology, digital payments and venture funding. 100+ experts signed up in the first month. The CRM system was able to save each employee an estimated 50 hours each month, allowing them to focus more time on revenue generating activity. We were also able to deliver real-time analytics to the founders of Lynk as well as metrics for managers and staff to benchmark their performance.


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