Maximizing the Value of Temporary Office Space






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Creating a shared-economy of spaces

Our client, Booqed, wanted to build a mobile application that would allow users to make short-term bookings at local meeting room, business centres and conference rooms. The mission here was the make the process of booking spaces as simple as possible for all purposes.


Making short-term space rental as easy as 1-2-3

By having partnered with us, Booqed, was able to create a iOS Mobile App that allowed end-users to book short-term rental spaces around them in 3 simple steps. After opening the app, users can look for properties around their current location or in any other location, select a space they find best suited for the needs and pay! By creating a user experience that focused on solving user problems as effortlessly as possible, Booqed was able to launch their services and gain much traction across several cities in Southeast Asia.


A travelling professional’s best friend

By leveraging large amounts of untapped commercial space inventory, Booqed has been able to serve as a very useful tool in the hands of professionals who travel and always have a hard time finding meeting rooms and other spaces to conduct business. This business model along with the easy-to-use has allowed them to expand to over 7 cities all over South East Asia with plans to add more cities and more types of spaces.

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