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How to pave the way for big data?

Apple Daily is Hong Kong and Taiwan’s largest online newspaper, with over 6 million daily visitors and 100 million daily total views. Apple Daily delivers millions of pieces of content across multiple digital publications. We worked with their team to consolidate that data into a single view of customer and organization with a single content management system.


Create single view of customer and data

The first step was to consolidate data from multiple publications into a single content management system. We worked with the team to build a system that could manage content from publications in Next Digital's portfolio. It was built to work flexibly with Next Digital's mobile and web apps as well as other third party services. With this content management system, we were able to reorganize and consolidate content into a single app so that it was easier for users to find the content they wanted.


User and engagement growth

The content management system enabled Next Digital to improve content and user experience for its millions of mobile app users. The result was growth in users and engagement - users spent more time on their app, the number of unique users increased and their mobile app updates received positive user feedback.

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