At Altitude Labs, our value comes from being able to transform businesses with the software we build.

We think about how we can increase the value we create all the time. To provide value, our designers and engineers invest their time to solve problems. The more efficiently we can work (both individually and together), the better value we can bring to our clients.

The only type of software I know that can transform businesses is high quality software. So to provide more value to our clients, we need to ship software that is of higher quality than what can be found elsewhere in the market.

Let's drill down into quality. There are two types of quality (ref):

  • Taken for granted quality: Basic things in an app that users will take for granted that have to work well (e.g. authentication, admin panels, analytics, maps, etc)
  • Enchanting quality: The core or differentiating feature of an app

To ship the highest quality software, our software needs to meet both the criteria of taken for granted quality and enchanting quality.

A core principle of our design and engineering teams is the more time we can spend on the enchanting quality of every project, the more value we can add to our clients.

As a result, we spend our time on workflows and automations that allow us to achieve taken for granted quality more quickly, freeing up time to focus on that one core feature for your app.