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Top Shopify apps for growing your e-commerce business

If you have just set up an ecommerce store with Shopify, or if you have had a Shopify store for some time and you are looking for a way to grow, this is the article you should read to explore the possibilities the Shopify App Store can offer you.

Shopify Apps are extremely beneficial for the development of your ecommerce business as the app store offers a variety of plugins all designed to improve different aspects of the functionality of your ecommerce store. With the help of these apps, you are more likely to see pronounced increase in traffic and sales of your ecommerce store.

However, with 1,300+ apps on the Shopify App Store, it may be an arduous task to look through all of them and find the leading ones in every field. We have fielded through ecommerce related apps on the Shopify app store and came up with a list of our favorite apps for growing your ecommerce business.

Our Picks (in no particular order):

Langify: Translation

Shopify does not offer support for multilingual storefronts but we all know that the world is becoming increasingly global and your ecommerce store may be losing potential foreign customers. Langify is an app that fills the multilingual gap.

Langify automatically detects your customer's preferred language and directs them to the matching storefront, enhancing foreign traffic to your ecommerce store. Customers can also switch between languages.

What is great is that you do not need any coding skills with this app, you can use their user interface start translating. Here is a screenshot of the interface:

For stores with a lot of products, you can also upload the translations in batch programmatically.

You can install Langify here. Full version costs $17.50 per month.

Aftership: Track Shipping Orders

Aftership helps you manage and track shipping orders.

Using Aftership, you can engage customers after the initial purchase with shipping notifications and easily view latest delivery statuses, tracking event history and expected delivery time all in one dashboard.

It even offers an analytical function that measures the click rate and open rate of your shipments, so you can know your delivery performance and act before a customer is lost.

You can install Aftership for free here.

Tidio Chat: Messaging

Shopify has a killer all-in-one messaging app so you will always be able to respond to a customer no matter how they reach out.

Add in a live chat window for your ecommerce store instantly with the help of Tidio Live chat. You can easily integrate live chat with your page and give customers instant feedback, guaranteeing a satisfying shopping experience.

If you are looking for ways to improve contact with your customers, this intuitive chat service is the solution for you. It offers automated chat services, lists of users who are currently on your website and support for mobile devices. Here is what the mobile version looks like.

Get this app for $15 per month here.

Metisa: Smart Recommendations

Metisa is the smartest and easiest way to increase sales conversions with product recommendations (full disclosure: it was built by us!).

You can easily set up real-time product recommendations, bestsellers, new products and other widgets on your Shopify store.

Recommendations adapt as your visitors shop and click on products, increasing the likelihood of sales conversion.


You can retarget customers after they leave your store with product recommendations by email in newsletters or triggered when customers make a purchase.


What’s more, Metisa is one of the first apps that gives you powerful predictive customer insights such as predictive buyer personas, predictive customer lifetime value, predictive churn and customer segmentation tools.

Metisa is free for the first $300 of sales they generate for you. After that, their premium plans start from $19/month. Install here.

Zapiet: Pickup + Delivery

Offer flexible checkout options of in-store pickup or local delivery through a unified checkout with Zapiet. This pick up and local delivery app features postal code search for customers to search for their preferred store and the opening hours. Here is an example of opening hours your customers can search for:

Zapiet is also customizable and you can control each store’s opening times and availability, set individual products as pickup only, local delivery only, or shipping only and set minimum times between order and pickup availability to avoid over-commitment. Here is how your checkout page would look like with shipping, local delivery and store pickup options.

Install Zapiet here starting from $19.00 per month.

OrangeTwig: Social Media Marketing

OrangeTwig is a social media marketing suite that discovers, designs and shares content & product promotions that will appeal to your followers.

What’s great is that it takes care of your social media marketing so you can then focus on other things.

Here are a few key features.

Discover and share content from across the web that will interest your followers.


Create and share stunning product posts and banners. No design experience needed.


Choose your products, sale dates & the discount - OrangeTwig will then create the visuals, schedule your sale & promote it on social media for you.


You can install OrangeTwig here. Quarterly subscriptions start at $30.

Over to you

The apps recommended above are the ones we believe with the potential to grow your ecommerce business, definitely take time to check them out!

Justin Yek

Justin Yek

Partner & Cofounder @ Altitude Labs. Responsible for our in-house personalization technology Metisa.

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