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Why We Use React Native For Mobile App Development

Are you thinking of developing a mobile app but don’t know where to start? Or are you looking for a team of mobile app developers? This article will run you through why we use React Native at Altitude Labs, and how we can use it to bring your ideas to life. The difference between ‘Native’ vs Web apps Native apps are those are those that run on your phone, whereas web apps run through your browser and typically require an Internet connection. As Native apps are written specifically for a particular operating system, they tend to fare better than
by Sharon Lam

How We Helped Tian Tian Exit Their Company In 8 Months

While video-based social media apps abound in China, success does always not come in equal numbers. If you’re among the legions of mobile app users in China, you may have already heard of Tian Tian Inc. In November 2016, Tian Tian transferred hands and was quickly acquired by Yixia Technology, all within a short span of 8 months. Yixia Technology, in turn, is most well-known as the maker of China's short video app Miaopai and live streaming app. It also serves as video content provider to China's largest social network Weibo. This article talks about how our team in
by Sharon Lam

How to Find the Best Software Development Companies in Hong Kong & Singapore

Looking to hire a software agency? How do you go about figuring out who to work with? This article gives you the lowdown on the different types of software agencies (in Hong Kong and Singapore) and how to go about deciding which one is for you. The way we’ll approach this article is by asking you a series of questions and using those questions to help you decide who you should hire. What kind of website, mobile app or software do you need built? The first question to ask yourself is what kind of software you need built. Different
by Sharon Lam

How to Turn Your E-commerce Website into a WeChat Store

Looking to sell to the 1+ billion people in China? This article explains how your international ecommerce website can double up as a WeChat store. By double up, I mean that your international and China site share the same codebase. There are several benefits for doing so. First, universal maintenance, upgrades and scaling. This in turn leads to lower costs and faster feature rollouts. Second, centralized customers, orders and data. This allows you to achieve a single view of customer across countries more seamlessly. Why WeChat? (skip this section if you already know why) If you are new to selling
by Justin Yek

Keyboard Handling in iOS Chat Application for Optimal User Experience

As iOS Devices rely on Soft Keyboard as its input source, keyboard appears and disappears frequently during the Application Lifetime. When keyboard appearance and disappearance is not handled properly, often times it will break the user experience in using the app. Views in focus are hidden or even worse submit button is obscured by the keyboard, preventing the user from continue. As handling keyboard is one of the common issue iOS developers often encounter, there is already some resources in the Internet covering this topic, e.g. Apple official documentation or Tutsplus Improving from the above sources, this time I
by Andrianto Lie

Flexbox in 10 minutes

What is flexbox? Flexbox, named also flexible box, is a new layout mode introduced in CSS3, which defines how elements are arranged in a page in a way that they behave predictably under different screen sizes and devices. It is called flexbox because of its high flexibility on controlling the behaviour of elements in various directions. Compared to the old layout methods like display table and floating inline blocks, it is much easier and more flexible to: Lay out elements in different directions Rearrange display order of elements Align elements to different position Dynamically fit elements into container When not
by Felix Yau
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