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Keyboard Handling in iOS Chat Application for Optimal User Experience

As iOS Devices rely on Soft Keyboard as its input source, keyboard appears and disappears frequently during the Application Lifetime. When keyboard appearance and disappearance is not handled properly, often times it will break the user experience in using the app. Views in focus are hidden or even worse submit button is obscured by the keyboard, preventing the user from continue. As handling keyboard is one of the common issue iOS developers often encounter, there is already some resources in the Internet covering this topic, e.g. Apple official documentation or Tutsplus Improving from the above sources, this time I
by Andrianto Lie

Flexbox in 10 minutes

What is flexbox? Flexbox, named also flexible box, is a new layout mode introduced in CSS3, which defines how elements are arranged in a page in a way that they behave predictably under different screen sizes and devices. It is called flexbox because of its high flexibility on controlling the behaviour of elements in various directions. Compared to the old layout methods like display table and floating inline blocks, it is much easier and more flexible to: Lay out elements in different directions Rearrange display order of elements Align elements to different position Dynamically fit elements into container When not
by Felix Yau

Our Guide For New Engineers & Data Scientists

This article spells out everything you need to kickstart your journey as an AL engineer or data scientist. If you are reading this because you are joining the Altitude Labs team, first off, we're excited to have you on board! We strive to make Altitude Labs a great place for engineers, data scientists and designers to work. In part, this means making sure you work alongside bright, proficient and motivated people. It also means helping you grow both as a person and an engineer. We have developed a curriculum to help you hit the ground running so that we can
by Justin Yek

Learn to Love Web Scraping with Python and BeautifulSoup

The Internet provides abundant sources of information for professionals and enthusiasts from various industries. Extracting data from websites however, can be tedious, especially if you need to repeatedly retrieve data in the same format everyday. That's where web scraping comes in. Web scraping is automating the extraction of data into a format so that you can easily analyse or make use of it. In this particular use case we detail below, we focus these techniques on financial market uses, but they can be easily adapted and utilised for regular data extraction on other websites for different industries. If you follow
by Leonard Mok

Three pitfalls to avoid when building data science into your business

Most executives already agree that the insights from data science can lead to better business decisions. Many businesses have the data ready to be analysed along with the right data systems and tools to solve their problems. The sticking point is in finding data scientists who are going to implement this project and how this project will directly benefit the business. In many cases, we've seen that the hesitation on investing in data science ultimately stems from the belief that its actual cost and benefits seem unmeasurable. While we're not in possession of a magic formula that spits out the
by Jacky Ma

iOS+Objective-C: Create a Real Time Photo Filter App

Introduction In this tutorial, we will create an iOS app with Objective-C which apply vignette effect and a cold-color filter and display the result in real time. The application will look like this: This tutorial will be divided into two parts. First part will use AVFoundation framework to capture camera input. Second part will use CoreImage to process the captured input and then display it on screen. Create New Project Open Xcode, press Shift+Command+N to create a new project. Choose the iOS\Application\Single View Application template and click Next. Then enter "RealTimeFilter" for the product name. Click
by Victor Li
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