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Infographic: How to create an app

Looking to create a web or mobile app to turn your product idea into reality?

This handy infographic walks you through the journey product development based on design thinking and lean startup principles. The journey is broken down into 3 stages, namely:

  • Preliminary research. Apply design thinking principles to understand the problem you're looking to solve and conceptualize a solution
  • Product design. Create user-tested prototypes or wireframes for your solution
  • Agile development. Turn your prototype into an actual working website or mobile app and continue iterating based on user feedback


how to design and prototype a web or mobile app

For your ease of reference, here is a summary of what was covered above in text form:


  1. Identify and clarify your users' pain point
  2. Research and observe how users tackle pain point
  3. Organize your learnings
  4. Brainstorm concepts
  5. Hypothesize an app idea, user test and iterate

Product design

  1. Understand the problem
  2. Map out information architecture and user journey
  3. Brainstorm and storyboard options for user experience
  4. Vote on your favorite user experience options
  5. Wireframe, user test and iterate

Agile development

  1. Plan
  2. UI/UX design
  3. Development
  4. User test
  5. Review and go back to step 11
Justin Yek

Justin Yek

Partner & Cofounder @ Altitude Labs. Responsible for our in-house personalization technology Metisa.

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