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Reinventing Hong Kong payment apps

A thought experiment with the Octopus app.

Why are we rethinking the Octopus app?

The Octopus card is an icon of Hong Kong’s efficiency & innovation. At the time of writing, the company is in discussion to raise the cash limit of each Octopus card to HK$3000, which opens up opportunities to think of alternative uses for the Octopus card.

We took a deep dive into the existing Octopus app and came up with ideas to bolster stickiness within the community and generate new streams of revenue for the company.

Our design concept illustrates the future use of the Octopus card and how it can being adapting to the cashless payments trend in technology.

Keeping Track of Your Expenses

The user can see a historical feed of their transactions. They can see what they purchased, and when and where they engaged with the Octopus card.

Get Rewarded for Spending

The point of this ideation was to create a hook for the Octopus card so as it becomes a growing part of the lives of Hong Kong citizens, they get rewarded for their usage as well.

Peer-to-Peer Payments for Convenience

With technology, it is possible to become a cashless society. We think that creating an ecosystem of P2P payments with other Octopus card users will increase stickiness of the mobile app.


The Hong Kong Octopus card has dominated the alternative payments market in Hong Kong for the past two decades. Could these concepts add value and help them achieve success in the next two? We'll have to see.

Here at Altitude Labs, we love to prototype and think of ways to improve our daily lives. Feel free to pick our brains!