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3 tips on how to perform a user test

Conducting a user test requires some skill and knowing this, Altitude Labs wants to guide you through your User Testing experience. It is not just about throwing out questions and listening to participants. It is also about facilitating an immersive interaction between the prototype and the participating testers.

Here are some examples on how to conduct a user test.

The first video is a user test about a colouring exercise website for children. The host of the user test invited a girl to test a paper prototype. This video provided tips on how to host a proper user test and techniques to guide your participants.

The second video is about doing user test on fruits!
It looks funny at the beginning but it also introduces the methodologies and procedures involved in user testing.

To conclude, here are 3 key things to focus on when we formulate a user test:

  1. Set the scene
    Your participants have to be clear on what they are going to do. Provide them enough background information and prepare yourself a plan so that the whole process will be smooth.

  2. Don't point it out, just ask and observe
    If we point out the path, we are helping them to do the user test. The results will be skewed and interfered.

  3. The subject is the prototype, not participants
    We need to emphasise that this test is testing the prototype, not the participants themselves. The participants have to understand this so that they don't feel any pressure and speak up themselves when they face troubles during the test.