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Our Guide For New Engineers & Data Scientists

This article spells out everything you need to kickstart your journey as an AL engineer or data scientist. If you are reading this because you are joining the Altitude Labs team, first off, we're excited to have you on board! We strive to make Altitude Labs a great place for engineers, data scientists and designers to work. In part, this means making sure you work alongside bright, proficient and motivated people. It also means helping you grow both as a person and an engineer. We have developed a curriculum to help you hit the ground running so that we can
by Justin Yek

Our Culture of Work for Engineers and Designers

One of the things we strive to do at Altitude Labs is to be a great place for engineers and designers to work. We’ve been inspired by many companies who have been transparent about their philosophies such as Y-Combinator, Fog Creek, Thoughtbot and Buffer. We've also made many adjustments to account for cultural differences in Asia. This article is about the several things we do to create a great place to work. Focus on the “why" Culture starts from the existential "why". The reason we exist is to serve our customers. Our vision is to transform their businesses with
by Justin Yek

What It Means to Build a High Quality App

At Altitude Labs, our value comes from being able to transform businesses with the software we build. We think about how we can increase the value we create all the time. To provide value, our designers and engineers invest their time to solve problems. The more efficiently we can work (both individually and together), the better value we can bring to our clients. The only type of software I know that can transform businesses is high quality software. So to provide more value to our clients, we need to ship software that is of higher quality than what can be
by Justin Yek

3 Tips on How to Perform a User Test

Conducting a user test requires some skill and knowing this, Altitude Labs wants to guide you through your User Testing experience. It is not just about throwing out questions and listening to participants. It is also about facilitating an immersive interaction between the prototype and the participating testers. Here are some examples on how to conduct a user test. The first video is a user test about a colouring exercise website for children. The host of the user test invited a girl to test a paper prototype. This video provided tips on how to host a proper user test and
by Ivan Keung

5 Challenges We Face as a Product Sprint Host

Designers here at Altitude Labs adopt the Product Design Sprint to help clients verify whether the product that we’re building together has a place in the market. Originally hailed from the US, it has been an uphill climb for us to introduce this methodology in an Asian market as we are first movers and advocators of it. We would like to address some common questions and concerns we have about the process below. 1. Deviating From the Original Goal We tell our clients that the aim of the Product Design Sprint is to build a clickable prototype, get feedback
by Stephen Leung

User Testing: Why is it important?

What is User Testing? User testing is a technique and process of discovering the limitations of design and validity of your product and/or prototype. When a solution is found, design does not end here. The designer has the responsibility to listen to the users and evaluate the situation based on their feedback in order to provide the ultimate user experience to the end user. Why is User Testing important? You want people to use your product at the end of the day and from a business perspective, a useful product will reap more financial benefits that products that do
by Ivan Keung
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