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3 Tips on How to Perform a User Test

Conducting a user test requires some skill and knowing this, Altitude Labs wants to guide you through your User Testing experience. It is not just about throwing out questions and listening to participants. It is also about facilitating an immersive interaction between the prototype and the participating testers. Here are some examples on how to conduct a user test. The first video is a user test about a colouring exercise website for children. The host of the user test invited a girl to test a paper prototype. This video provided tips on how to host a proper user test and
by Ivan Keung

5 Challenges We Face as a Product Sprint Host

Designers here at Altitude Labs adopt the Product Design Sprint to help clients verify whether the product that we’re building together has a place in the market. Originally hailed from the US, it has been an uphill climb for us to introduce this methodology in an Asian market as we are first movers and advocators of it. We would like to address some common questions and concerns we have about the process below. 1. Deviating From the Original Goal We tell our clients that the aim of the Product Design Sprint is to build a clickable prototype, get feedback
by Stephen Leung

User Testing: Why is it important?

What is User Testing? User testing is a technique and process of discovering the limitations of design and validity of your product and/or prototype. When a solution is found, design does not end here. The designer has the responsibility to listen to the users and evaluate the situation based on their feedback in order to provide the ultimate user experience to the end user. Why is User Testing important? You want people to use your product at the end of the day and from a business perspective, a useful product will reap more financial benefits that products that do
by Ivan Keung

Hong Kong Octopus App Concept

Why are we rethinking the Octopus app? The Octopus card is an icon of Hong Kong’s efficiency & innovation. At the time of writing, the company is in discussion to raise the cash limit of each Octopus card to HK$3000, which opens up opportunities to think of alternative uses for the Octopus card. We took a deep dive into the existing Octopus app and came up with ideas to bolster stickiness within the community and generate new streams of revenue for the company. Our design concept illustrates the future use of the Octopus card and how it can
by Ivan Keung

Learn to Love Web Scraping with Python and BeautifulSoup

The Internet provides abundant sources of information for professionals and enthusiasts from various industries. Extracting data from websites however, can be tedious, especially if you need to repeatedly retrieve data in the same format everyday. That's where web scraping comes in. Web scraping is automating the extraction of data into a format so that you can easily analyse or make use of it. In this particular use case we detail below, we focus these techniques on financial market uses, but they can be easily adapted and utilised for regular data extraction on other websites for different industries. If you follow
by Leonard Mok

Three pitfalls to avoid when building data science into your business

Most executives already agree that the insights from data science can lead to better business decisions. Many businesses have the data ready to be analysed along with the right data systems and tools to solve their problems. The sticking point is in finding data scientists who are going to implement this project and how this project will directly benefit the business. In many cases, we've seen that the hesitation on investing in data science ultimately stems from the belief that its actual cost and benefits seem unmeasurable. While we're not in possession of a magic formula that spits out the
by Jacky Ma
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